About tuition

Initial meeting

Usually I would suggest a free, no obligations initial meeting. We can talk about how you are getting along and what you need help with. It’s also good to meet one of your parents at this time to hear their input. Then we can make a plan, to agree what we’ll do during the lessons, and what you can do between lessons to improve. This may involve textbooks, notes, study skills etc.

We can also discuss details such as when lessons will be, payment (I bill by the half-term, in advance), and anything else.

Parents are, of course, welcome to stay during lessons. This can be helpful, particularly to start with, when I may be making suggestions about improving work habits at home.

During lessons

I always try to make lessons as useful as possible, so usually it is the student who decides what we are going to do each time. For example, there may a topic they don’t fully understand, or some questions that they are struggling with.

Usually we would work from the student’s textbook. This has the advantages that it is probably a syllabus specific textbook, and it is easier to carry on at home. However, I do sometimes recommend other books.