About James Mungall

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I have been a maths and chemistry tutor since graduating from Cambridge University in 1999.

My qualifications include a Masters in Chemistry, a PGCE, a Diploma in Teaching Adult Numeracy and, more recently, a Graduate Diploma in Statistics.

We have lived in Exeter since 2002, and live in St Thomas with our two children.

Maths and chemistry teaching in Exeter

I have experience of tutoring students from most of the local schools including St Peters, Exeter College, Exeter School, Maynards, Colyton Grammar and Torquay Grammar amongst others.

demonstrating relative atomic mass

In 2009 I spent two years teaching A-level and IB chemistry at Exeter College. I also completed a diploma in teaching adult numeracy at this time.

More recently I have taught year 6 maths at Bowhill Primary School on a part-time, voluntary basis.

I have a broad experience of learning and teaching which enables me to cover a range of subjects and levels.


Laxton House, Oundle

I spent most of my school years as a day pupil at Laxton House, Oundle. In A-levels I gained 5 grade As in maths, further maths, chemistry, physics and music. I also enjoyed sport and music.

University of Cambridge Chemistry labs

Following a year out, I then went to Clare College, Cambridge where I studied Natural Sciences. During the first year I studied maths, physics, chemistry and geology After that I specialised in chemistry. During fourth year I did a research project on organic synthesis with the Goodman group.

Since coming to Exeter, I completed a PGCE at Exeter university, followed by a Diploma in Adult Numeracy at Exeter College.

I became interested in learning more maths myself, and undertook the Graduate Diploma in Statistics. This comprised five 3 hour written papers, examined by the Royal Statistical Society. I studied for these exams completely independently, which gave me a more recent appreciation of the challenges my students face.

My more recent education has reinforced the need for excellent study skills and determination.